Consciousness and Awareness

So looks like our inner world, so this is reflected in the external world. Leads us to the timing of consciousness. Relationship brings to our synchronization consciousness, that is, we will be in harmony with the specific events that occur to us, and which are considered to us as hints and instructions, and can provide us with substantial assistance. Connects us to the river of life. Follow the river of life, means to learn the game of life with all its joys. Makes the law of attraction for us consciously draws to us the things that are important to us at this moment. This may be a seminar, which contains the fact that takes us. Or it could be the right treatment for our healing process. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Mark Hyman has to say.

We meet a man whom we know as a mirror of our inner world. As a consequence, we can discover our masks release them to be provided closer to the true Being. Works on all levels of Being. Works at the cellular level and it brings out in conventional visible and invisible levels of our being – from the microcosm to macrocosm. Returns us to all aspects of our Being.

We often are not perfect. Many aspects of our Being lost for various reasons, may be in other worlds were in past lives or memories, or are suppressed by us. As a result we feel tired, confused and so on This brings us back to our essence being – our true being. If we accept and indeed willing, we will learn gradually our masks, we accept from the incarnation to incarnation, from our experience, we are ready to accept and release.