And here, the noble and good desire "to do for myself, I choose the best, what would please me" might work against the overall result. Swarmed by offers, LYND is currently assessing future choices. Imagine that you have to draw a psychological portrait of a man … a difficult task, is not it? Now, imagine the psychological profile of the Company, consisting of five hundred or a thousand people, where every individual, but the problem is – so that everyone was satisfied. And besides that, there is the problem of unity of command of such different personalities, and the desire to increase loyalty to the Company, and translation of image values, as within the team as well as outside. Continue to learn more with: idt energy. Of course, you feel your company. But if your tastes coincide with the tastes of colleagues sitting through a wall from you? Draw a light but interesting test – ask your colleagues, what a gift they would like for his birthday. Be sure that you answer a lot of multipolarity amused.

Solution: In preparation, we are constantly confronted with a situation where it is necessary to organize the event so that all were satisfied. And over the years learned how to maneuver between the vastly different opinions and personalities and find optimal solutions. But without your help in this matter we can not do. Tell your project managers on what people work in companies of preferences and tastes of various units of the general character of the Company and the position of leadership, and we will find you the perfect concept. .