Send and receive SMS as business communication method wins every day more followers. Normally, users benefit from tools such as Web SMS, PC SMS, Mail SMS or integrate the sending of SMS professionals in their own systems with an SMS API service. As indicator of the growth of this sector, the volume of customers from Esendex SMS sending, grows at a rate of 100 per cent per annum and also other providers of SMS delivery report similar growth. Anyway, there is a point of view that defends that SMS will be replaced as business communication channels by other tools like Email to mobile or social tools on the Web like Twitter. Indeed, there are amazing statistics with regard to Twitter and its spectacular growth, Hitwise reported that Twitter has grown 500% compared with the same period of the year despite various failures of the network at this time (). But, we must be cautious and distinguish the massive success of this service in the United States from the rest worldwide, in addition, the SMS is a worldwide phenomenon, being the application of data most commonly used worldwide with 2.4 billion active users. This does not mean that SMS messages and SMS messages for companies in particular, will replace other channels of communication, but it should be seen as one part of the mix of communication.

In a world with a booming growth in the penetration of the mobile, companies should use all channels of communication that are available at the right time. According to the annual report 2008 of the Commission for the telecommunications market, mobile lines total Park increased during 2008 at 1.25 million to 49.7 million lines (). For example, an organization that needs to receive detailed their engineers via mobile communications, should surely equip your computer with blackberries rather than implement a bidirectional SMS solution. The type of use of SMS professional services must be chosen depending on the circumstances requiring the business communication.