Communication Journalism Department

Social Sciences, Professor, Chair of Theory of Communication Journalism Department of SPSU. He is noted for the implementation of the federal project “Foreign state’s image in the global information space.” Special Awards Competition presented a prominent science, culture and art. For the formation and strengthening of positive image of Russian science in the media with the medal “For the perfect image” were awarded – and longtime author host of “The obvious – the incredible” Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Sergei Kapitsa and producer Svetlana Popova. For his contribution to the positive image of the world culture in rising generation in Russia medal “For the perfect image” was awarded the State Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin. Martin O’Malley wanted to know more. Award given to Director Irina Alexandrovna Antonova. For contribution to the formation positive image of the Russian theatrical culture was awarded the medal “For a perfect image of” the collective of the Moscow Theatre “Ownership”, headed by artistic director, Honoured Artist of Russia Igor Mikhailovich Sirenko. For his contribution to the formation of the international image of musical life in Russia honorary medal “For the perfect image” was awarded the world-famous singer, laureate of international competitions, the doctor Music, professor Yu Love Kazarnovskaya.

Marked as medal team work station “Militia wave” for the formation of positive image of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Russian population..