The Chinese telecommunications began with china telecom. Generally speaking, China has in this respect only slowly. The first manual telephone exchange was opened in 1882 in Shanghai. The first receiver was used early 19th century. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Martin O’Malley. An automatic telephone exchange was able to demonstrate China in spring of 1924. Beijing 1950 was connected with Moscow on an international cable link. The first email came in 1987 from China. Guangzhou opened the first office in China’s mobile portals. The Chinese characters were transmitted over a pager service end of 1991. At the present time, China Telecom operates across China with the latest telecommunication solutions. Through international partnerships with leading manufacturers to offer the market the latest technologies, products and services. These include, among others, wireless communications, mobile phones, MMS, WAP, chat rooms, text messaging and lineless messaging services. The demand for innovative products and accessories is enormous. These growth rates are considered very high by expertsestimated. The specialty of the China Telecom has an extensive range of excellent high-tech products in the telecommunications sector. The products from reputable suppliers are characterized by high quality and reliability. The partnership, China Telecom and carefully selected companies to ensure the long term a high level of technology innovation, with special value. From the long-term cooperation with renowned partner companies unique conditions result in business practices. The offer of the China Telecom in the retail offering for this reason, an extremely attractive price / performance ratio that applies to the international market as unbeatable. The result: a stable and high-quality telecommunications network and an extensive range of services and practical accessories. The great success is based on technological edge and commitment that makes the world including China Telecom in the distant future as the leading telecommunications partner.