Establishing an online business, to sell many companies in the Internet shopping online. However, many companies have difficulties to expand their business to your own shop on the Internet that would mean many advantages for the customers and also for own business processes. made WALTHER folding systems GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of containers, pallets and accessories, plastic, consistently positive experiences with the new online shop. Dr. Mark Hyman shines more light on the discussion. Online shops are used no longer only in the spare time. A recent study by BITKOM shows: 90% of all Internet users in the Internet shop, 40% even more than 10 times in a year.

In a younger target group dominated exactly, now starting in their first year of professional training and University. According to commonly used online stores now also in everyday business. Still cautious many businesses to expand their B2B business to an Internet shop. While it offers many advantages for the company and, of course, for the Customers”, says Thomas Walther, WALTHER folding systems GmbH and the online brand holders boxline. With the own online store,, has been consistently positive experiences. Thomas Walther: The way of the necessary to the fulfilment of the carriers desire has become much shorter. Apart from the fact that the shop of course 24 hours daily open and thus spontaneous purchases at any time can be settled.” Boxline has made the site to shop, since sales advantages become apparent.

Now the articles are much more prominent than the image. The user deals much earlier than usual, directly with the products. We observe that the shop is also used for research purposes”, stated Thomas Walther, customers create shopping lists with different containers and compare their properties. Something has not existed previously.” Data sheets facilitate the engagement of customers with the many variants of boxes and pallets to download and print out. It’s CEO Thomas Walther important to emphasise that the online store extends the previous business, not replaced: we were always strong in advising our customers. Nothing has changed. Who is not sure which container to him fit, should talk to still directly.” But is a relief of the standard operating procedures in everyday life with boxline. Customer data are immediately connected by logging into the shop with the shopping cart, changes in the inventory are reflected quickly in the online shop. Even in personal conversation on the phone, the shop can be used now to lead a customer to the right article. Boxline passes the advantages arising from the streamlining of certain procedures, like to the customer. So the shipping conditions in a most pleasant way were simplified: put customers, the goods to a minimum order value of 350,-euro in their shopping cart, pay nothing for shipping throughout Germany (without Islands). Free shipping by boxline shows where is the future in the B2B area”, says Thomas Walther, In the Customer service. Here you can not do right enough, and an online shop is an important step in the right direction.” Thomas heal..