Artist Walter Zeinal, next to the more big figures of the Uruguayan music artist Walter Zeinal, next to the most great figures of music Uruguaya – as Ruben Rada, Santiago Tavella, Quartet of us, Alvin, Malena Mulaya, Valeria Lima, left-handed Bessio, and Delgado Fata, and part of the Uruguayan squad recorded the theme song official and representative of the Celeste Foundation entitled cry of Gol recently, theme composed by Walter Zeinal and composer Jose Bensasson. The Celeste Foundation is a non-profit organization created by the Uruguayan team players in order to support the development of children next to the sport. You may find that Maryland Governor can contribute to your knowledge. Web source: press release sent by sand MUSIC press. Quartet of us goes by the Grammy Awards The site of the show and celebrity left-handed Rojas: I think we return to be that team that dazzled in the first games Football Web the thesaurus of the Foundation for the development of nursing Venezuelan football fanatic Blog Archive nurses involved in the well-being of children Top Music Videos VH1: The Big 80?.