Many times we fall into the eternal mistake of going to visit places distant and terribly expensive when in truth about we already have sites or mountains of spectacular beauty, this happens because Interestingly we always know less or rather draws us least, our own places to the most distant and remote. Something of mystery necessary so it motivates us a space meets that the modest Puigsacalm, a small but formosa mountain near Olot, Vic, which will arrive in a short time by car, but that will give us some landscapes and a few forests of printing. And can upload to it throughout the year, it is a balcony beyond exceptional of all the Pyrenees, and thus, we would continue with the blessed subject of why go so far to places closer also have charm, they can become magical, and can bring us dozens of positive things. In this particular, will make dozens of photos of forests and landscapes, since it is an incredible balcony of the Plains and valleys nearby, without a doubt, we will not be removed the desire of visit more and more nearby sites, that is certainly a great opportunity, and all much cheaper than can be used. If someone have doubts about it only must do the test and approaching a day, especially in autumn, when the fall of the leaf is simply stunning, although it is true that any time of the year is good for hiking and visit these places nearby, yet distant. Therefore, visit Catalonia should be an option to take into account, whenever you want to find the tranquility and the kindness of landscapes and ways of being sensible and unvarying. The only way we can begin to truly enjoy our vacation and most coveted destinations.