Personal development is an arduous process and constant. And it requires our full attention to not blur of the purpose. Plenty of traps, misconceptions, preconceptions, we threaten to distract us. And it is better to know them not to fall into their networks. Let’s start: Bombard us constantly.

In the ads, in television programs, in magazines, in movies, everywhere. Manufacturers and advertisers (and their owners) know this, and know that it escapes us. Continue to learn more with: Martin O’Malley. If we don’t have it, if we do not, if not how we buy, we are little more than unfortunate. A few miserable poor that we not have a better life. Happier, more beautiful, more perfect. Everyone has less us.

And we are so donkeys that, above, do we know. And teach us to love him. We want to feel good, look good, work happy and eat partridges. Live as in the ads, with the smile of Signal. That everything happens on a wonderful sunny day, under the coconut trees, enraptured in a rush of beauty and perfection. We do not have problems, have no doubt, not having complications. And already jobs, we want to smell flowers (or wild fruit of the Caribbean, which would be nice). And I will not deny that I would smell good, or at least not smell bad. Bueeeno, for agreement, not so bad. And I also know that, as all over the world, I want to meet my life and senses with all the beautiful and positive that can bring me. But it should not be confused sheep and goats. Neither the bacon with speed. One thing to wish improvement and progress, and quite another to become sheep following rules which do not lead anywhere. That coincidentally always leave us a step away from the prize. And with need for more.