Cable networks simply plan, document and manage the creTa Software GmbH, Potsdam Potsdam, January 12, 2009, makes it easy to enter a new world of planning, documentation and management of cable networks operators of coaxial cable networks: since January 12, creTa software provides the software operators coaxial networks triple.designer coax su free available ( extranet). All functions can be used without restriction. Thus, users can get a comprehensive picture of the performance of the network information system (NIS). The program can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments integrate finally based on standard solutions such as AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk Topobase. Data exchange with software for network design and calculation, as well as with GIS and CAD solutions is thus self-evident.

triple.Designer coax su integrates all information about the network and automated workflows. Extensible libraries facilitate the collection and management. The user can access on-demand on geographical, schematic, or combined design models. The software represents network information according to the scale in varying degrees of detail. You generated automatically thematic network schemes, so that the network more or less can be viewed on button under different aspects and evaluated.

To ensure a correct measurement of integration, simulation and calculation of the available functions. So can one schematic plans GeoReference, any channel spacing power supply ripple can be simulated, and the software provides comprehensive tuning logs. triple.Designer coax su requires AutoCAD Map 3D.