British Conservatives

While Brown is going to receive the leader of the Tibetan Government in exile in London and the leader of the House of representatives of the USA (Nancy Pelosi) has gone to visit, Sarkozy is the global leader that most is considering the possibility of boycotting the Olympics from China (albeit only its inaugural session). The hardness of Sarkozy in Beijing contrasted with the way in which he received in Paris the Libyan dictator Khadaffi (who before NATO considered his nemesis, range now occupied by Bin Laden) with who now wants France to encourage business and capture their petro-capital. France wants the powers come together to achieve greater liberalisation of China’s political and economic regime so that this planned economy is des-socialice and more open toward the market and foreign investment. London handled more cautiously its relationship with Beijing because Brown just go to this city offering his country as its best partner in Europe. The foundations of the new realignment the Sarkozy approach to United States and United Kingdom goes hand in hand with its attempt to impose a more akin to the Anglo-American free-cambismo eco-social model in France and for that trio work in favour of this objective on a global scale.

France, however, does not cancel its axis with Germany, nor its good relations with Russia and Spain. However, the way in which the Browns have been so well with the Sarkozy is something that distance to the relationship so cold that had Chirac with Blair and Thatcher with Mitterrand, as well as the distance between Sarkozy and the German Angela Merkel. France not becoming an unconditional Londres-Washington axis ally, as pressing it towards some changes. Ask you both to accept that Europe may have a joint military structure, something that us with the support of the British Conservatives view with suspicion because he fears to create a parallel to the Pentagon’s power.