Modern industry requires the use of different types of boilers, the high power, which are designed for heating large areas of industrial buildings. Industrial boilers are heat-and water tube, depending on the relative motion of the liquid and gas. In addition, all modern heating industrial boilers, depending on the type of fuel consumed, can be divided into solid, gas, electric, oil heaters, boilers, working on alternative fuels, as well as versatile boilers that run on several kinds of fuel simultaneously. The choice of type industrial boiler depends not only on the direction of the production processes of the enterprise itself but also on energy security in the region. The market of heating equipment is represented by various manufacturers offering a large selection of boilers for industrial use. Novelist understood the implications. Products International Company Ferroli, German firms Buderus and Viessmann is popular among Russian and foreign companies, due to reliability and efficiency of the proposed heating systems.

However, Russian producers of industrial boilers is also now able to offer effective solutions. Domestic industrial boilers often cheaper but the quality is not inferior to foreign analogues. Consider the existing industrial boilers of domestic production, fueled by solid, liquid or gaseous fuels, as well as combinations thereof. NGOs Barnaul plant boilers produces hot water boilers circulation (CEC) with a heat output from 0.63 to 2 mw. A distinctive feature is the use of boilers produced intense turbulence in the flow of water inside the pipes, avoiding scale formation and to maintain high efficiency over the entire lifetime. Due to the circulation and a high flow rate, scale does not stay on the walls pipe, so the boilers kvc not require chemical treatment of water. Ltd. "Nikos" produces steel hot water boilers "Vityaz", which are intended for heating, hot water, ventilation, residential buildings, administrative or industrial buildings, including factory shops, barns, outbuildings.

Production of gas boilers is imposed since 2005, boilers are economical, meet all the requirements engineering security, reliable and easy to use, have reasonable prices. jsc "Kazan Plant of energy equipment" is focused on making three types of boilers: KV-GM, hrg, SW-G. For boilers HF-GM power 0,63-2,5 mw provided the use of both gas and liquid fuels. Boilers hrg and CS-D work on gas and are characterized by heat output 0,63-9,63 mw. Steel boilers series Turboterm "(Group of Companies REMEKS) to reverse the firebox have nine standard sizes and are made in the power range from 0.11 to 3.15 mw. Are universal fuel that is designed to work both on gas and any liquid fuel, including including fuel oil of low grades, providing a critic of efficiency. zao ziosab 'designs and manufactures water and steam boilers for heating homes, cottages, industrial, retail and warehouse premises. The company currently produces over 50 types of boilers of various capacities. ooo pkp TehnoTEK produces steel, boilers Universal three types of reverse furnace for hot water heating systems forced circulation of water, heat output up to 2.3 mw. Boiler construction provides easy access to all the welds of the boiler. Boiler reliability also increases the use of seamless pipes seamless. Since 2004 produced a series of boilers "Duet", twin horizontally or vertically to save space in the boiler room. Low emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon allow the use of boilers in regions with high environmental requirements (resort areas).