Within 15 minutes add the hot water, bringing the temperature of the bath to 37 degrees. Then do the energy body massage. After normalization of body temperature and heart rate go out of the bath, wipe dry, lay in bed, overlaid heaters. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. When an old man’s weakness even very old people weakened rapidly gaining strength with regular admission of the mixture: the seeds of dodder – 6 tsp., Fruit of Chinese magnolia vine – 2 tsp., Mummy -1 g (for 8 hours l. Mixture). To prepare the broth Take two teaspoons of the mixture of seeds and berries dodder vine, cut them and zaley 200 ml boiling water. Then add a cup of broth mummy piece weighing 0.2 grams (about the value of wheat grain).

Insist mixture for 30 minutes., closing a warm scarf. Strained broth to be taken in two doses (100 g per dose) before a meal in the morning. After 14 hours the broth is better not to be taken if there is no need to stay awake through the night. The course of treatment – 20 days, then 20 days off and repeat taking the mixture for another 20 dneyDoloy cough! In the upper respiratory tract, sore throat as an expectorant used veroniku.1 tablespoon chopped dry veronica zaley 2 cups boiled water, 2 hours, strain. Take half a cup 4 times a day. To rinse the mouth and throat are used next infusion: eucalyptus leaf – 20g, marigold flowers – 15 g leaf sage – 15g, flowers Chamomile – 10 g, Elecampane root – 10 g, the roots of licorice – 10 g, linden flowers – 10g, marsh rosemary herb – ’10.