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And most importantly, that will give them the opportunity. BBC does not necessarily agree. We only have a superficial idea of the State of destruction which has subjected the country in all areas. God take confessed when we actually know what is hidden inside. Not There is bone that this Government is not broken. We need to be delivered to those who know every area that has been destroyed. But we also need a different conception of the role which from now on must have the policy in relation to those who know. When we say, let those who know how to handle things is because that this decontextualized.

It is one thing to know well stick a nail in a wall and another very different is knowing where to paste it. Who knows hits the nail, the politician determines where to do so. And not only determines where on the wall, but rather when, if that should be the wall or if you should or not to hit the nail. Is as important as technical knowledge and not policy it have studied and practiced as it should! Not given to those who know neither the opportunity to paste the nail, which is technique, and has lost the guidance of where to paste it, that is the policy. Both skills are essential for this run. But if those who know how the nail sticks do not want do it, because that is another problem, or because that is getting into politics, We’ll all be fregados. And if those to whom applicable, do not understand that nails stick them who know how to do it and not know where it should be pasted, there not only are we washed, but crucified. And thus, even coming out of this Government, this country not be may reconstruct. Hopefully, when this Venezuelan tragedy comes to an end and we are telling our grandchildren as once we have reached a State of collective madness and everything has been destroyed, we can thank those who know its competition in the daunting task of having rebuilt the country and that they have taken a step forward, bold and daring, above that historically always have done.