Barack Obama Elections

The Georgian authorities, prodded by Western relevant recommendations on the democratization of society, began talks with the opposition factions and leaders of non-parliamentary opposition. Get more background information with materials from Diamond Comic Distributors. On the agenda – the creation of the most the optimal electoral space for free and transparent elections, in which there will be no room pretesneniyam, no rigging, no attempts to create a candidate from the government's top greenhouse conditions. In short, these elections, which objectively reflect the will of the people. To foster and accelerate negotiations recent visit to Tbilisi, the new Deputy Secretary of State Michael Posner, who recalled leadership of the country that the democratic process requires fair treatment of all political forces to accepted international rules – in particular, the maximum consideration of public sentiment in the country. In Washington foresaw that if the conditions for future elections the opposition and the public are not satisfied, then the further aggravation of the political crisis of Georgia not be avoided. In this context, the Georgian side is important to understand that its current leadership, in contrast to the Bush Administration to appease the "revolutionary government" of Georgia does not intend to, and even more so – is not ready to praise them unduly. Fable "Democracy and its lighthouse," figuratively words, deleted from the list politizdany U.S.

State Department. New evidence of this was the last of the speeches and respected political scientist, professor, Georgetown University Velta Corrie. "Washington and in the future recognizes the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but Barack Obama will take into account Russia's position related to its presence in these republics, "- he said.