Balancing Work And Leisure

But on the other hand, is solid and inconvenience for you, and for its neighbors, and for households. In addition, your willingness to work both day and night all quickly become accustomed – and it will turn you from human protein in wheel. Erasing the line between work and leisure – a direct way to stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is necessary to you? What should I do? When visitors come to your home, discuss your schedule with those whom it may concern – with household or neighbors. Your work should not disturb anyone. And not to turn into that same protein, pre-decide for yourself how much work and what time you can do. Speak it with the employer, if he is – and not exceed its limit.

do not disturb! "I will not be a mother-malicious, I will spend time with their children and not reduce education to test lessons over the phone. And my husband will start to communicate more. "Experience has shown that these rosy dreams will not come true. Kids and chores at home will inevitably make adjustments in your plans. And – get annoying. Imagine this: you finish an urgent project, we must focus, and my child wore shoes for tap and in an ecstasy of learning to another step sequence.

And frankly do not understand what you are angry. The hardest thing – to explain the home, even if you do not drive every day in the office, it does not mean that you can pull over trifles. What should I do? Get ready for first, to hear from others sarcastically like "difficult to be a freelancer, but still better than working." With the household must hold a conversation, explain the features of the new schedule, and bring to their understanding that the work at home does not mean that you automatically turn into a housewife, and all efforts at home only to fall on you. No, no, no! The case of jobs involving all hands there is a sense prepare the plate "Do not disturb" and put it on the table – as a signal for others.