Avature has made an update last week to its CRM software and released version 4.0. Avature has made an update last week to its CRM software and released version 4.0. The company said that among other things the user interface has been modified to simplify the work with the CRM. It is already worked on version 4.1, which includes new features such as chat, advanced list features, and new workflow features. It is expected to end this week.

Avature CRM was developed by the company of Avature. It is an American company, which was founded in 2005 by Dimitri Boylan. John Mclaughlin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Boylan was previously worked as Managing Director of HotJobs, which he co-founded and sold to Yahoo in 2003. A large part of the senior management moved with him to Avature. In mid-2008 was the start of Avature CRM and developed the business in the United States and Latin America well.

In the same year the product was awarded magazine software of the year by the HR Executive HR. Since the mid- 2009, the business will be extended increasingly to Europe. To the customers the companies include Adecco and Kelly Services but also the personnel areas of the company adidas, Intel and IBM. The CRM specializes in the area of human resources”. The CRM tools aim to make the personnel decisions of easier, faster and more cost effective. The company is oriented to social networks and thus offers the candidate in contact with the CRM opportunities and build relationships. It’s also possible to create workflows (workflows), email templates, and forms. The search tools allow the candidate making several online job boards and social networks at the same time. Advanced parsing, import and export functions round off the product. Until end of 2009 is supposed to the existing language versions in German, English and Spanish are also French. More information is available under crm. Press contact: Michael Schnirch phone: +49/(0)89-121409184 email: