It is attributed to Aristotle that that courage is the first of human qualities because it guarantees all the others. Etymologically, brave is not who has no fear, but who can and can pass through it; In short, be brave is not another thing that have will and persistence, perseverance, emotional fortitude, perseverance, patience, and certainty in what is going to undertake what is due. Often presented us to the brave as a hero who tackles large gestas and feats, and overlooked the epic of the daily life of millions of human beings tirelessly confronted their wide range of fears. Ordinary people undertaking extraordinary acts. It is not the courage or the value therefore, a matter of momentary Furies, but a matter of sustained and constant emotional stability.

From another point of view we can contemplate the courage as a matter of action, and thus cowardice an inhibition of the same. According to Hemingway: Courage is grace under pressure, and in effect: courage is grace, the action and the composure of duty, even under the pressure of having to deal with risks, and sometimes harsh consequences that reports our action. However, take into account the quotation attributed to Seneca is: many things we do not dare to undertake them, not because they are difficult in themselves; but they are difficult because we do not dare to undertake them the philosopher and writer Jose Antonio Marina in his book Anatomy of fear. A treatise on the courage, definea as the great antidote of fear action and courage as exclusively human answer, likewise refers to the human species as the most scary there, since the intelligence we possess has a very undesired side-, that makes us afraid of imaginary dangers. They have the Marshal de Turenne (1611-1675), just before having to enter combat, began to tremble, evidently as result of his fear, and noting his trembling, said in voice high: tremble, my body? Because when you know where I’m going to get you more temblaras. By the way, is this same quarterback, who attributed the phrase: having been defeated twice or three times in order to be something we need. In the business world, overcoming fear and the ability to take risks can have important implications, since this is a business quality. It is unthinkable to conceive any business activity without a certain confrontation with risk, since applying ideas and transform them into reality, it involves precisely this.

Sometimes it’s calculated risks, but in many others the calculation becomes impossible. Serve as an example: Gary Kildall was an absolutely brilliant type, a prodigious talent thanks to which the industry of personal computers became possible. Hardly sounds like someone your name, and however, was the man who enjoyed the best chance anyone has ever had to make Bill Gates an absolute unknown. He however left that option the day that rejected the contract with IBM that it would have changed everything. What did the company of Bill Gates outside that flourished was, without doubt, his courageous attitude of knowing assume risks, against the inhibition of g. Kildall, and is that this capacity, evidenced on several occasions, much more decisive and decisive for success, that the own intelligence.