In the dark Glowing in the dark aquarium soil gives the accumulated lumens in the form of a visible glow. Glowing in the dark aquarium gravel, contains no phosphorus, do not increase the pH and water hardness, does not adversely affect any on fish or on plants. The number of cycles of the soil and recharges its luminosity is not limited to, the service life is also not limited. The important characteristics of any aquarium soil are the shape and size. Aquarium soil should readily permeable to the horizontal and vertical flows of water, the soil must 'breathe'. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil consists of elements of approximately the same round in shape, emitting a pebble, and the intervals between the constituent particles of soil aquarium large enough to ensure good water exchange. Imagine, for comparison, the soil consisting of particles of different sizes.

How would such a primer interesting was not looking, over time the climate may deteriorate the aquarium, gravel stop 'breathing', small particles fill the gaps between large, water in the soil begins to stagnate, you are swamping all consequences. Similarities and round glowing in the dark aquarium soil makes caring for them simple enough, such an aquarium ground well cleaned trap, pollution that fail to ground and may muddy the waters, just as easily and washed out of him. With regard to the roundness of the particles of glowing in the dark aquarium soil, in my opinion, it is much better than the soil from chipped and sharp edges, though, because of Such edges can injure fish. Before you fill up glowing in the dark aquarium bottom in the aquarium, you need to wash it in the usual way to get rid of fine particles and dust, in this case it is better not to use soap and chemical means. Glowing in the dark aquarium ground running as a primitive mechanical filter, which fail fines and suspensions, polluting the water, which subsequently can be easily dust. Another essential characteristic of the aquarium is a lot – the color. In the aquarium you can sleep monochrome ground, but it may be interesting to mix a few colors. We should not forget that the most important in aquarium fish are, therefore, design the aquarium should be selected for specific types, which will live in an aquarium.

Glowing in the dark aquarium ground in daylight or artificial light looks like a pebble with a translucent shade of pink, blue and green as interesting option colorless pebbles. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil will give the aquarium beauty, personality and could create special charm in the design of the aquarium. Psychologists say that is tastefully decorated aquarium is located at the premises of people joy and delight, it has beneficial effects on their health status. In observing the underwater world of human mood improves and there are more forces to tackle a variety of everyday problems. Glowing in the dark soil in the aquarium is now an absolute know-how in a series of aquarium products. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil does not contain phosphorus or other harmful to fish and human elements, does not alter the chemical properties of water. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil is not only an ornament aquarium, but also, in conjunction with the activities of plants, can be a very effective tool for filtering and maintenance of biological equilibrium in the aquarium. Use glow in the dark aquarium soil including the day's color scheme gives you the opportunity to realize the unique, fantastic and unique design solutions for your aquarium.