Apu Allinsunco Atipax

Usku watched the Hummingbird feathers, they were the same which once decorated the Crown of his dead Emperor in Cajamarca. Usku crawled across the floor by removing forces where there was no lift hand and looking at the stranger that came out of the lagoon, he said:-Apu Allinsunco Atipax man of military, high porte, long black hair, aquiline nose, eyebrows thick, pronounced cheekbones, I lift the face and a fulminating look like Ray, he enceguecio to Usqu… Click idt energy to learn more. Man of la laguna, had a Javelin, his gaze strong, fulminant, blinding in each hand, was like a lightning bolt, his step seemed to make the Earth tremble. I play to Usqu with his hand on the forehead and said:-Rimaykullayki Usqu felt all pain ceso in your body could stand upright and ran to the lagoon, throw it and drank like crazy its crystalline waters, life returned you to the body, returned to breathing, felt that a powerful energy returned to his being to normal except .era not would die. live thanks to the generous stranger suddenly realized that had not thanked lagoon and swing man to exit the waters and go to, but was already far away when he was going to lose by one of the streams, I note that the stranger, swing and made him goodbye with the hand, losing by Usqu came out of the laguna mountains and continued walking for three days in the opposite direction always thinking in his benefactor.Came to his village, he found several priests praying with the people, everyone would go to la huaca more nearby, to worship Pachacamac, he interrupted the rite, and told all the astonished devotees:-friends, I spent days walking after our Emperor’s death and found myself in a lagoon three days here with a tall, strong man, long, black hair to a beautiful golden Hummingbird, which accompanied had a Javelin in each hand, his countenance was austere, his looking radiant, I couldn’t see it in the eyes, without blinding me, came out of the Lake at a time that already seemed that he would die by hunger and thirst.