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Business School Guide 2013 WiWi-online Hamburg, 28 February 2013. The choice of the appropriate business school must be well planned. To read more click here: Michael Chabon. High-quality graduates extend their management skills with the right MBA degree, they report significant career benefits. So important, is a navigational aid through the program scrub is profound knowledge about which language skills are required or the financing possibilities for an MBA degree. The new business school Guide (BSG) of WiWi-online provides guidance on the path to the best business school. In addition to a comprehensive overview knowledge, the edition of 2013 the free online trade publication in the English language also has a special info code to each listed business school that linked directly to further information on the website.

There, WiWi-online introduces renowned business schools from all over the world and their MBA programs. Compact information for the accreditation, admission tests & v. m. round off the offer. The BSG can be used as eBook see start.php? a_title = 535 will be read and downloaded. It is also available as Mobile Edition for every Smartphone and all Tablet PCs available. About WiWi-media economics-media offers different services and services on the subject of Economics and is considered one of the leading links between universities, industry, and academia.

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