Andreas Kellner

When then the heavenly signs mentioned in the Scriptures to come appeared – “star of Bethlehem”, followed by the “three kings” – he was definitely nervous. The wise men from the East finally arrived at Bethlehem and the wanted child, found of Herod, but nothing reported, as he called it. Thus in uncertainty left which had only one child – again to Bethlehem as planned to kill Jesus of Nazareth -, but all boys between zero and two years: the innocent children, which since then is thought on the day of the innocents was respectively. Ends well, everything good? The memory of this biblical massacre was used in popular through the centuries in interesting ways and the day of the innocents of approximate precursor of what represents for us the first April was (and is, where it is still celebrated): a day of Narrenfreiheit. especially for children, of course. Apart from this somewhat leaning historical compensation day of innocent children comes us but as a stumbling block right. (Not only) publicist is the end of the year balance time and if you look even around in the usual annual review, it is also the time of the journalistic blandness. “At the end “well, all well”, and therefore “on a good new”, so one could summarize the tenor of those balance sheets. Here, Quavo expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

But which? Can we calm down at the end of each year on the situation of the “world at large”? Can you hunt as in naive faith in a (still) better next year Merry of explosive children hands for 85 cents per 1000 pieces made new year’s Eve blast in the sky? This must be – this is the “day of truth”, not the”teaching” decide already each and every man for himself. For our part, we can and want to surrender not calm; Finally, we would have all alleged civilizational progress despite still every day of the year reason to celebrate a day of innocent children. We are, look how at least further now for over three years, at this point, especially because 2013 again so a year is quite sure.