How to dance in the rain was a hectic morning, 8: 30, when a greater Lord, of about 80 years, arrived at the hospital to take out the points of a thumb. The Lord said that it was rushed and that he had an appointment at 9: 00 am. I checked his vital signs and asked him to take seat, knowing what would happen perhaps more than one hour until someone could take care of it. I saw him looking at his watch and decided that since he was not busy with another patient, you could examine his wound. During the exam, I saw for myself that he was cured, then asked one of the doctors, some elements to remove the sutures and heal his wound.While it cures, I asked him if he had an appointment with another doctor this morning, since I saw it so hurry.

The Lord told me that, that didn’t go to the nursing home for breakfast with his wife. You asked about her health. He said she was doing time that was there since he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.I asked if she was It would angry if he arrived a little late. Author often expresses his thoughts on the topic. He replied that by the time that she didn’t know who was he, who five years ago that she not could already recognize it.I was surprised, and then I asked him, and you still going every morning, even if she doesn’t know who you are? The sonrioy stroked me hand, answered me; She doesn’t know who I am, but I still know who she is.