More recently, the accounting system in Russia has undergone a reform, which ended in 2000 with the emergence of a new post 'accountant'. There are new specialty in universities, new faculties and departments. Many know that the accountant owns ifrs large open horizons of the profession, because accounting accounting system in Russia is quite close for Europe. According to Russian laws, each company must keep Accounting, which According to "its economic activity is reflected in the tax and accounting registers. Accounting is the mechanism through which to generalize all the activities of the company. The main consumer accounting is the country, namely the tax authorities. Every company pays tax contributions, which is a strong stimulus of economic growth, and without which it is impossible to present the country's economy. Read more from Martin O’Malley to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Accounting accounting system allows fully all the information about the company's business, which could be said about the correct or incorrect payment of taxes. Even if the organization some time was not conducted operations or did not have any transactions on the account, it is also simply must take a zero accountability. Thus can be concluded that accounting is an integral part of doing business! On Today, you can select the following options for bookkeeping: Means outsourcing accounting company of their own means (Department of Accounting, Accounting Department) Using the services of Freelancers (coming accountant) All of these options bookkeeping include maintenance and support of accounting firms, preparation and submission of tax returns. Each type of accounting has its own niche which is conventionally measured in scale companies. Pomnte that proper accounting – a pledge of prosperity of the company.