" It is not enough whereupon they exist dudas" , it affirms the sentence, that it discards that " mere suspicion or the simple possibility that the protected disturbance of other goods or rights takes place constitucionalmente" it can be sufficient to justify the prohibition. In scope of the electoral processes and in relation to the fact that the Statutory law of Rgimen Electoral General (LOREG) nonlegitimate " to carry out activities that indirectly can affect the will of the voters, stimulating or discouraging the possible inclination towards determined candidatura" , the Constitutional Court establishes that " only in very extreme cases he will be possible to admit the possibility that a message has capacity sufficient to force or to turn aside the will of the voters, the existing dice the intimate character of the decision of the vote and legal means to guarantee the freedom of sufragio". In addition, he maintains that if this is applied political to the own manifestations of the formation, " the more he is possible to affirm it of a grouping of people who meet for the purposes of the interchange or exhibition of ideas, dnsa of interests or the publicity of problems and vindications, and not with the intention of the pick up of suffrages ". The sentence recognizes that " duda&quot does not fit; of which the opinions derived from that " interchange, dnsa or reivindicacin" of ideas they can " to get to influence in ciudadano" , but it emphasizes that this situation only can be contemplated like " a mere suspicion or simple posibilidad" . Everest capital may also support this cause. Of there, it concludes that " when reasons founded on the electoral character of the manifestation are only contributed, when their purpose is the pick up of suffrages and this one has not been summoned by parties, bunds, coalitions or groupings, unique legal people that can realise electoral campaign next to their candidates, will be able to deprive of authority the same with base in said motivo". .

The sanitary aterros, as areas destined for storage of urban solid residues (RSU), are one of the efficient and more economic techniques for the treatment of these residues. However, in underdeveloped countries, the lack of basic sanitation shows a scene in the destination of RSU, that are the lixes, place where the residues are deposited directly in the ground without none technique of engineering for deposition and operation, or any concern with the damages that will be caused to the environment, and the population as contamination of the ground and bodies d? water superficial and underground, the proliferation of vectors and installation of communities of catadores, generation of gases and where it does not have no type of treatment that contributes for the improvement of the ambient damages and solution of problems caused to the man (SILVEIRA, 2004). The lack in the RSU management is a concern for the control lack of what he is being launched in the lixes and of the consequences that these leached residues and are causing. MATERIALS AND METHODS the dissertao will be developed through the following stages: I? Construction of the experimental cell (lismetro), lismetro is constituted of a compact layer of 0,20m of ground in its humidity excellent, and filled with approximately 0,15m of RSU, covered with another layer with 0,10m of alone the same used in its base. II? Fulfilling of lismetro and gravimetrical composition of the RSU of Port Old, the fulfilling of lismetro and the gravimetrical composition will be facts, through the preservation of the residues of one of the routes of collection of the city of Porto Velho, enclosing quarters of distinct classrooms, being for high classroom the Alphavile, middle class the Areal quarter and classroom low the Tancredo quarter Snows, where the used method can become most representative possible of the residues of the city. The residues that will be conditioned by the route will have 9 tons approximately, that they will be homogeneizados, divided in quadrants, whose quadrants of the diagonal lines will be homogeneizados again, and thus to get, approximately 2 tons, that after homogeneizados well will be compact in layers with the density of sanitary aterros during the fulfilling of lismetro.

because it consumes enormous power, it is clear, it is not avoid seeing a particular sport, what must be careful is put mental energy and passion in what you look at, i.e. someone can follow a team and watch a game for example, but his emotional state must be free of the results, i.e. it must enjoy the observation quietly or dispassionately, this is where your interest now is different to a sporting event, if you are the leader of a team, partner, coach, player, etc. History is another, in your case the discipline that is involved is a priority in your life and occupies some level of energy, many people do not understand the depth of these concepts, in fact everything you create is paid with energy, is like a budget, suppose you have $2,000 and want to buy a $1,500 article, if you spend $200$300 and $350, you’ll realize that has spent $850 and now has only $1,150 and you can not buy the item of $1500. The same thing happens with energy, let’s imagine that we deal with some level of energy to acquire a closure of a negotiation of export of beef, but we started to read negative information and negative programs in the morning, we already lost certain amount, say losing, I mean that the energy has been used in another thing, which is not our goalthen we have a discussion heated on political subjects in which we lose another little energy, why speak of the problems of the neighbors, after the economy of the country, etc. We finally began to review the roles and conditions of negotiation, we go to the meeting and it is possible that we not achieve the results we want why? Simply because we waste energy in other directions out of our objective and we happened to equal to that in the case of the $1,500 article, we spend the money on other things and in the end do not achieve the objective, perhaps energy can not be measured tangibly as the case of the money, but the way to know if we are using energy correctly is through results, if we noticed progress in our project means that energy it are using well, if on the contrary we do not see any progress and noticed setbacks mean that we must improve the use of energy, also is to remember that the results should not be immediate, that is because today think of a great Mansion, does not mean that tomorrow you will have it, mental programming takes some time, but a significant fact is that between more energy and attention we employ our goal, this will manifest itself quickly, but also an Exchange is necessary, in the case of the mansion to get it we will give something, a good or a service. A clear example of concentration of power are the monasteries, which aim to avoid distractions, or loss of energy with respect to the objective of achieving spirituality, that is why I recommend you use your power according to their goals and desires, you can achieve all you want.