In Close to the ground is the woofer with its fresh design, perched on its top a high-quality metal plate while all cable connections on the bottom are attached. This construction prevents ugly cable clutter and pave the way for a clean environment. Genius in form and function the new speaker set Hercules XPS 101 has a wired, backlit remote control as intuitive control panel. They allow precise desire adapt bass and treble, to satisfy even audiophiles users. The system is switched on by pressing and adjusts the volume. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Matt Haig by clicking through. The bass can be adjusted by pressing and a third pressure adjusts the high frequency level. For ultimate flexibility, the user can connect an MP3 player, headphones, a game console and even a headset via the enclosed cable directly on the Hercules XPS 101. Piero “Peter” Tropeano may also support this cause.

The new high-end-2.1 speakers set Hercules XPS 101 is starting in December 2010 for a suggested retail price of 199 Euro (VAT included) available. Get printable photo material on Hercules accessories via the contacts specified below or in the wildcard Newsroom on wildcard For more information, see. On Hercules: Guillemot Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of interactive hardware and accessory products. The Group offers a wide range of products under the brand name of Hercules and ThrustMaster.

Since their launch in 1984 the Guillemot Corporation group is represented including France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Romania and Italy now in 11 countries, and its products are available in 30 countries around the world. Mission of the group is high-quality and user-friendly products to offer, which improve the satisfaction of customers of interactive, digital entertainment solutions. 2010 Guillemot Corporation S.A. Hercules is a registered trademark of Guillemot Corporation S.A. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are hereby expressly acknowledged and are the property of their respective owners. Photos not binding. Contact: Bernd Holtmann junior PR consultant of wildcard communications agency for Public Relations and marketing communications stone.

(16) The disputes between Carlos I and the Parliament continued, the King who was prisoner of the parliamentarians escaped and allied with the Scots, sparking a new conflict in year 1648 l. Cromwell suppressed a revolt in Wales, defeated the Scots and was put at the head of the army against the Parliament negotiated with the King. He then ordered the expulsion of the opposition, leaving only a few members that agreed in judge King for treason. V THE REPUBLIC. After the death of the monarch, England was transformed into a Republic without King and without House of Lords, where the Executive branch was formed by a State Council of 41 members elected by the Parliament, only consisting of the House of Commons. Cromwell, not occupy the vacant throne, but with the army imposed its authority against both bodies, that authority proclaimed by Hobbes, as the only one capable of protecting the people English. However the common sessions would only operate from 1649 until 1653 in what is known as the parliamentarian period. In that time Scotland proclaimed King Carlos II, the son of Carlos I and a rebellion that Cromwell with 12 thousand men was responsible for imposing a reign of terror to crush occurs in Ireland.

In Scotland with sixteen thousand men defeated Carlos II and the Presbyterians forcing the King to flee to France (17). In 1653 Cromwell violently dissolves Parliament that did not allow the renewal of the body and the Council of State, ruled only until his death in 1658 in the second stage of the Republic which is known as the dictatorship. The army awarded with the title of Lord Protector absolute power because it did not accept the title of King and only had three short-lived parliaments. It divided England into ten military regions with a general in each one, transforming the Republic into a true military dictatorship.