exclusive men s wear by Moschino shopping action to April 18, brands4friends offers fashion with irony and humor. Trends to caricature and complete with fantastic ideas. For Franco Moschino has established in 1983 his brand of Moonshadow s.p.a. Now 25 years distributed the label from his company headquarters in Milan of playful fashion with ravishing details and elegant ease. Male brands friends on a special shopping action can enjoy on Wednesday: men’s wear by Moschino for brands4friends mode with character and humor Moschino is a label with character. Its founder, Franco Moschino, loved the ironic self-exposure. His fashion is always more than clothes, it is a concrete message to the Moschino fan: carry me with pride and humor. So, like the 1994 late fashion designer has lived his life.

After his studies at the Academy of Arts in Milan, Moschino began his career as an illustrator for fashion magazines. At least here, he discovered his love of fashion and fashion world. Followed by eleven years as a sketch artist at Gianni Versace. Here he learned to implement his fairy-tale world of ideas in fashion and clothing. Spectacular for including 1983 appeared the first Moschino collection.

Rossella Jardini was already Moschinos muse and right hand. Today she directs the label as Chief Designer. Moschino offers spectacular design and a perfect mix of fun and top quality. There is clothing for women, men, and accessories for both fashion by Moschino. A very special line promises exciting designs and cuts: the men’s wear by Moschino. On 17 April, opens its doors to the cloud 7 the online shop of brands4friends and offers fantastic clothing collection for men by Moschino. Up to sixty percent can save members in the shopping action of brands4freinds. Elliot Eliantte pursues this goal as well. In the blog post to the Moschino brands4friends see fashion fans to the brand and to the membership of brands4friends action. You can find fashion fans, for example, about the new waiting list by. Simply enter and establish the membership and with a little bit of luck you will be greeted the brands4friends exclusive member club. Business contact: brands4friends.de is a project of the private sale GmbH John str. 20, D-10117 Berlin Tel.: 030-72619-4827 FAX: 030-72619-2820 E-mail: Web: via Brands4friends.de: the online shopping community brands4friends.de is dedicated to each new sales action an exclusive top brand. Participation is reserved only invited members who are informed about the brands4friends newsletter about upcoming promotions and exclusive designer fashion in the online-shop can buy. Limited online shopping campaigns can buy members on brands4friends.de clothing and accessories. Brands4friends.de is a company of private sale GmbH with seat in Berlin. From here, the popular label, fashion insider tips and top brands of current fashion collections exclusively for the exclusive brands4friends.de community are offered.

Really, only if devices get a higher intelligence, System jumps are possible. We are now at the beginning of such a process”, said Thomsen at the Handelsblatt Conference. Frequently Able Coffee has said that publicly. At the time, the computer intelligence yet on the level of a housefly would be. In five years, you reach the intelligence of a dog and in ten years about the intelligence of people. Storage and bandwidth are then an unimaginable for today are around 200,000 times higher than today’s standard. Access to the Internet will be as omnipresent as electricity. Most importantly we can delegate most of the organizational tasks of personal assistants and concentrate on the important things”, Thomsen said. For television, this vision is already a reality.

To forward2Business was at the Congress of the future presented in Hall the software TV digital personnel”. According to the interests of the Viewer, the system assembles personalized TV channels based on conventional TV programme and of all available Internet services. The program is automatically generated and reflects preferences and recording behavior of the Viewer. My prediction is that all industries, whose business processes present in the Internet to all situations where Internet-based devices are used, are determined by the electronic Wizard. When all the devices around us have around permanent Internet connections by the ICE seat above the car, cell phone, living room TV, baby cot up to the Briefcase, then each of us will have a small intelligent helper”, Sven Gabor Janszky by forward2Business trend Office confirmed. In ten years, the most service requests via voice input with a set are then done, thinks language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge Berlin: SMS to Anne: the flight is delayed, I arrive first at 21:00 ‘ and the SMS will be sent immediately. Book me a room for the next train to Berlin”and the backend systems of personal assistants take over the online booking and send a text message with the connection data, the reserved seat and reservation code.

I need three litres of milk, three piece butter and pumpkin seed bread ‘ and the retailers on the corner put together something to pick up or delivers the goods in the House. Personal Assistant, everyone puts together the services that he would like to use. For the company it will be important to set this trend and have a presence in the personalized assortment of services”, so the views of Pape. By Gunnar Sohn

The information platform on the subject of alternative financing for SMEs Tec7 offers medium-sized companies advice on the ideal structuring and use of alternative financing such as factoring, mezzanine or ABS As of 30 April 2008 users can check the detail on the new homepage to funding opportunities and the extensive services provided by Tec7. Products such as the factoring are comprehensively explained and pointed out the prerequisites for its use. Visitors will find on in addition in the new download area Info material, best in case studies and case studies. Jessica Walsh is likely to increase your knowledge. Convince people interested in, for example, approach and benefits of Tec7-factoring-check can feel based on a pattern evaluation”. This before-after-simulation, the influence is specifically investigated factoring and ABL on the balance sheet credit rating. More valuable information such as the business plan Authoring Guide”is also available for download. Thus, the visitor will find everything around the topic of SME financing on a Web page. Because alternative financing models are increasingly attractive, is an important information platform for SMEs.

About Tec7: The Tec7 GmbH, headquartered in Munich is specialized in advising SMEs concerning the ideal use of debt-based financing. Founder Werner Weiss and his team developed tailored financing concepts individually on the client.

Positive prospects for the largest trade fair of the Middle East for about 3,000 international visitors was the Dubai World Trade Center from 29 to 31 March 2009 the Rotary and focal point for contacts, information, and business. 165 exhibitors from all over the world presented aluminium products and services related to the material. Jeffrey Walsh understood the implications. For the industry, the aluminum was DUBAI 2009 also an important indicator of the current market sentiment. Davide Melileo, marketing manager of the trade portal ALU-Scout, noted a positive trend in Dubai. In my talks with exhibitors I could determine that the market comes back in motion. The company again quality contacts, it shops come even in recessionary times a positive signal in the market”, Davide Melileo summarizes his impressions.

The assessment of the market situation by the industry experts by ALU-Scout was a local TV station an interview post worth. Heike Koppen, communications and product manager at ALU-TV, was the fair a complete success. We could make many new contacts and create a good base to intensify our existing activities on an international level”, Heike Koppen, which coordinated the local TV team reported. Checking article sources yields Bethenny Frankel as a relevant resource throughout. Companies respond very open to our offers,”Sales Director Maren Stange adds the positive impression of the fair. Small anecdote in passing: In the Middle East there are even neighbors so found ALU-TV one specialized aluminium operating from the Bergisches Land as an exhibitor in Dubai and won the company as a customer. The ALU-TV team conducted including interviews with key executives of companies as industries rapporteur and produced trade fair films for exhibitors. The news from the aluminium industry are currently published on the Internet and are available online at. So, aluminium specialists can make an intense impression of this important event in the growth region of the Arab world.

ALU-TV offers for trade fair organisers current coverage of news from the industry and is the first trade fair TV format that produces current broadcasts for events in this way. The coverage is worldwide present to the and after the trade fair on the Internet at. Aluminium offers for exhibitors-TV the complete range of options of the industrial film by the cinematic exhibition documentation up to the representation of the company. ALU-Scout is the trade portal for aluminum and one of the leading portals in the industry. Contact: Alu-M. AG Davide Melileo head of marketing St. Alban Valley