Really, only if devices get a higher intelligence, System jumps are possible. We are now at the beginning of such a process”, said Thomsen at the Handelsblatt Conference. Frequently Able Coffee has said that publicly. At the time, the computer intelligence yet on the level of a housefly would be. In five years, you reach the intelligence of a dog and in ten years about the intelligence of people. Storage and bandwidth are then an unimaginable for today are around 200,000 times higher than today’s standard. Access to the Internet will be as omnipresent as electricity. Most importantly we can delegate most of the organizational tasks of personal assistants and concentrate on the important things”, Thomsen said. For television, this vision is already a reality.

To forward2Business was at the Congress of the future presented in Hall the software TV digital personnel”. According to the interests of the Viewer, the system assembles personalized TV channels based on conventional TV programme and of all available Internet services. The program is automatically generated and reflects preferences and recording behavior of the Viewer. My prediction is that all industries, whose business processes present in the Internet to all situations where Internet-based devices are used, are determined by the electronic Wizard. When all the devices around us have around permanent Internet connections by the ICE seat above the car, cell phone, living room TV, baby cot up to the Briefcase, then each of us will have a small intelligent helper”, Sven Gabor Janszky by forward2Business trend Office confirmed. In ten years, the most service requests via voice input with a set are then done, thinks language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge Berlin: SMS to Anne: the flight is delayed, I arrive first at 21:00 ‘ and the SMS will be sent immediately. Book me a room for the next train to Berlin”and the backend systems of personal assistants take over the online booking and send a text message with the connection data, the reserved seat and reservation code.

I need three litres of milk, three piece butter and pumpkin seed bread ‘ and the retailers on the corner put together something to pick up or delivers the goods in the House. Personal Assistant, everyone puts together the services that he would like to use. For the company it will be important to set this trend and have a presence in the personalized assortment of services”, so the views of Pape. By Gunnar Sohn