DEPILHAIR not you can go you better. For more specific information, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. And it is that chain of clinical medico-esteticas and laser hair removal has a new Centre in Madrid and is confirmed as an excellent choice of business for those entrepreneurs who want to start their business. You just have to refer to the case of the new franchises that just go for this brand to start your adventure as entrepreneurs: is Luisa Alapont and Rosa Diaz, two women with much smell and very good view. Until start working as partners of DEPILHAIR us mark to the banking sector. We were there looking at what were the sectors with the highest expectations of growth and profitability and we saw that the aesthetic was the safest value. And in theory these franchises took action. This decided once we realized that DEPILHAIR was the brand that best represented the ideal of aesthetic services given the professionalism required of persons they carry out treatments and that they must be medical. In addition at a time when many businesses do not they work, this sector is not only enduring the flip, but that it is growing, they explain.

Thus the local new cosasel of DEPILHAIR is located in the central street of Jorge Juan No. 75 Madrid is an area very good for us because there is no offer of treatments as specialized and quality like ours and in which we are safe we will make us one good name among men and women both, they conclude the franchised. Press Office and RR.PP for management of interviews, the expansion of information or graphic material sending do not hesitate to contact us.

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